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Faculty Senate


                                             Faculty Senate Committees, 2013 - 2014

 The following is a list of the membership of the Faculty Senate Committees.  Members’ terms expire at the end of the spring semester in the year following the member’s name.

Admissions and Standards

Business:  Harvey Rubin (2014)

Education:  Deborah Williams (2015)

Human Sciences:  Jean Hollenshead (2014)

Liberal Arts: Alexander Mikaberidze (2014)

Library:  Williams Peters (2014)

Sciences: Wanda Huhn (2015)

At large:  Carl Smolinski (2016)

At large:  Elizabeth Zippi (2016) Chair

Darlenna Atkins & Kimberly Thornton, nonvoting advisory members


Courses and Curricula

Business:  Felice Williams (2016)

Business: Mary Lois White (2014) Chair

Education:  TBA

Education:  Linda Easley (2016)

Human Sciences:  Rhonda Failey (2016)

Human Sciences:  Katherine Wickstrom (2015)

Liberal Arts:  LaWanda Blakeney (2016)

Liberal Arts:  Blake Dunnavent (2016)

Library: Kay Stebbins (2014)

Sciences:  Urska Cvek (2016)

Sciences: Rick Mabry (2014)


Faculty Research and Development

Business:  Binshan Lin (2014)

Education:  Cay Evans (2015)

Human Sciences:  Rebecca Nolan (2014)

Liberal Arts:  Megan Conway (2015)

Library: Julienne Wood (2014)

Sciences:  Beverly Burden (2016) Chair



Instruction and Professional Development

Business:  Sibylle Mabry (2016)

Education: Deborah Williams (2016)

Human Sciences:  Jesse DeMello (2015)

Liberal Arts:  Chris Hale (2016)

Library: Laura McLemore (2014)

Sciences:  Amy Erickson (2016) Chair

Allen Garcie, nonvoting advisor



Business:  Mike Brendler (2015)

Education:  Cathy Singletary (2015)

Human Sciences: Meredith Nelson (2014)

Liberal Arts: Alexander Mikaberidze (2014)

Library:  Alan Gabehart (indefinite term) Chair

Sciences:  Emre Celebi (2016)


Policy and Personnel (members must be tenured and elected by respective schools, at large members elected by FS Executive Committee)

Education:  Pat Doerr (2014)

Business:  John A. Vassar (2016)

Human Sciences:  Kevin Jones (2016)

Liberal Arts:  John S. Vassar (2014)

Library: Martha Lawler (2014)

Sciences:  Brian Salvatore (2016)

At large:  Tom DuBose (2014)

At large: Steve Banks (2016) Chair


Student Affairs

Business:  John Vassar (2016)

Education:  Debra Fowler (2014)

Human Sciences:  Jim Evans, (2015)

Liberal Arts:  Robert Alford (2016)

Library: James Evans (2014)

Sciences:  Rogers Martin (2016) Chair

Student representatives appointed each year by SGA:

Undergrad:  Kirsten Howard

Graduate: Garrett Jones


Board of Student Conduct

Business:  Amy Wren (2018) Chair

Education:  Cathy Singletary (2016)

Human Sciences:  Tim Winter (2017)

Liberal Arts:  Gary Joiner (2016)

Rachael Green (2015)

Sciences:  Gary Boucher (2017)