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Facility Services


The Department of Facility Services is responsible for the basic operation and maintenance of the physical facilities of the University. Our department can be broken down into six basic areas. These include Central Plant, Maintenance, Custodial, Grounds maintenance, and Administration. These areas are discussed in greater detail below.

This is the office function of our department. A Director, an Assistant Director, and one Administrative Coordinator staff it. Most all requests for services should be sent to this office when any service is requested. We ask that a work order be sent for any routine service needs, but please call us for any emergency or urgent need and we will respond as soon as possible.

Custodial Services
This department is our largest department and it serves to provide a clean work environment. Most every floor of every building has a custodian assigned to it. They generally work in the afternoon and evenings. Please feel free to ask any of our Custodial staff to take care of any special need that you may have.

Grounds Department
The Grounds crew services all areas that are outside of our buildings. Most people think of them as the grass-cutting crew, but they perform many other services. This department takes care of over two hundred live oak trees and almost three hundred crepe myrtles. They also provide road and parking lot maintenance and strive to keep our campus free of litter.

Our Maintenance department provides for maintenance of our campus buildings. Although this department is very small in relation to our campus size, we strive to keep our buildings in the best condition possible. If you have any maintenance need, please contact our office and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Central Plant
This department is staffed from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Their primary responsibility is to provide the campus with heating, air conditioning, main electrical service, and elevator services. They also will respond to any urgent service need after business hours and/or on weekends. You may call this department directly at 797-5007 for any department-related heating, air conditioning or elevator need.

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