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Dean of Students



We believe in you and want you to THRIVE at LSUS! To that end, we promote a healthy and positive learning environment that enhances your overall wellbeing. You are encouraged to actively seek out experiences and resources so that in your time at LSU Shreveport, you can develop the skills necessary to reach your personal and educational goals. Join a student activity, participate in an awareness event, lead a student organization, attend a workshop or engage the in the campus community. Be involved! There is much to experience.

Student services include: Career Services, Student Advocacy & Accountability, Student Activities & Recreational Sports, and Student Development. The staff within each area is dedicated to creating a campus community where you can not only grow, but thrive. Each of us will actively work to:

  • Advocate for support services and engaging learning experiences outside the classroom
  • Promote a healthy, social responsible and inclusive campus community
  • Guide students with questions or situations impacting their LSUS experience

We will listen to you and be of assistance when needed. Whether you have a simple question or a larger concern, we are here to assist you so do not hesitate to reach out. We  also serve as resouces for parents and families, faculty, and staff, all of whom serve as important partners in your success at LSUS and beyond.

Let us know how we can be of assistance. We look forward to getting to know you!

Paula Atkins,
Dean of Students