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Counseling Services

Counseling Services


Counseling Services offers a variety of programming designed to assist students in their adjustment to the University experience and to provide them with the responsibility and skills necessary to develop to their maximum potential. Counseling Services provides:

  • Counseling Services
    • Personal counseling
    • Mental health & wellness resources
    • Mental health screenings & outreach
    • Consultation & referral services
  • Disability Support
    • Assessment of student need
    • Coordination of academic accommodations
    • Consultation on campus accessibility
  • Success Workshops
    • Personal development
    • Educational
    • Awareness & prevention

The mission of LSUS Counseling Services is to: Serve LSU Shreveport's diverse campus community by providing mental health servicesdisability services, and wellness support services that assist students in achieving their academic and life goals and enhance their personal growth and well-being.



Spring 2017 "Realize Your Resilience" Series (Wednesdays @ 11am; Location BE-103):

  • 1/18 - Become a Success-Oriented Student
  • 2/1 - Creating a Purpose-Driven Life
  • 2/15 - Take Control of Your Thoughts!
  • 3/1 - Campus Involvement & Engagement
  • 3/15 - Developing Nurturing Relationships
  • 3/29 - High Achievement Expectations
  • 4/19 - Mentorship: Your Key to Success

Other topics like the following are available throughout the academic year. We are always developing new workshops to meet student interests and needs.

Overcoming People Pleasing: College can pull us in many directions. Learning to be assertive can help you reduce stress and improve coping. This workshop will help students learn to effectively express themselves while also respecting the rights of others. 

Face Off with Your Inner Critic: An overview of the science behind difficult emotions, and how we can foster compassion towards ourselves and others in response to such emotions.  With self-compassion we can motivate ourselves with encouragement, forgive ourselves when needed, face and befriend our shortcomings, care for others while caring for self, and live more authentically. 

Neuroplasticity: How to Change Your Brain: Did you know the brain can be changed, for better or worse, by our relationships with others and our emotional environment?  Join us to learn how to apply this wisdom in your life.

When Life Hands You Lemons: Accepting Adversity & Committing to Change: This workshop will focus on strategies of acceptance and letting go.  Learn to accept unpleasant feelings associated with goals or experiences, and how to get past losses, without becoming paralyzed or giving up.

Unplug Yourself: Strategies for Digital Detox: Feel like your smartphone is in control?  Trouble concentrating because of social media distractions?  Learn how to decrease the power of modern technology, improve overall health, and reclaim control.

Food & Feelings: A Complicated Romance: Do you have a complicated relationship with food?  Learn techniques to become more aware and mindful of your eating habits.

Coexist! Embracing Diversity: Join us to investigate the significance of diversity.  Increase your awareness, learn how to change behaviors, avoid reinforcing stereotypes and biases, and find value in others' differences.

Finding Your Mission: Where am I Going & What am I Doing? Develop a personal mission statement for your life and use it to stay strong, focused, and smart about decisions you make while moving toward your future.

8 Dimensions of Holistic Wellness: Consider your whole person...mind, body, and the quest for optimal health and wellness. [Separate workshops are also offered for each dimension: Physical, Emotional, Social, Intellectual, Financial & Occupational, Environmental & Spiritual.]

What Defines a Healthy Relationship? Is your relationship healthy? Join us to learn the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and how to create a foundation of fairness, honesty, trust, and respect.

Step Up! Become and Active Bystander: Learn how to develop the awareness, skills, and courage needed to intervene in a situation when someone else needs help.


Following are online resources to assist you: 

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Anonymous screenings.

MindYourMentalHealth guide

Make informed choices!

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Confidential resource center.

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Online support communities.


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Students speak out
about mental health

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A digital wellness magazine!