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The Journal of Ideology


For literary submissions, see guidelines below:

As the purpose of JI is to critique the conventional wisdom in a given area, each article published should, at its outset, indicate briefly what the conventional view is and how the position asserted differs from that generally accepted. In composing your article, please keep in mind that JI is an interdisciplinary journal with a general readership of scholars who, though informed in their own areas of expertise, need to be informed explicitly of the extent to which your vision critiques the conventional wisdom.

Please submit 4 hard copies and one electronic copy (via email or disk) of your Microsoft Word manuscript. Use 1 1/4" margins on all sides and double space your manuscript.

All manuscripts will be reviewed by at least two readers. As manuscripts are reviewed anonymously, please remove any means of identifying yourself from three of the four hard copies of the manuscript. On the fourth copy, include your name, institutional affiliation, mailing address, and telephone number in the upper left-hand corner of the first page.

References should be formatted using publication guidelines of the American Psychological Association. Please refrain from using footnotes or endnotes.  Include all graphs, photos, etc. within the text of the document (i.e., where you want them to be placed).  The responsibility for the completeness and accuracy of all documentation rests entirely with the author of the article submitted.

Manuscripts accepted for publication will be copyedited by at least two members of the staff.

Manuscripts/disks to be returned MUST be accompanied by a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

All first North American serial rights belong to JI.

For literary submissions, please send one copy, single spaced, of 3-5 poems, one short story, one play, or one piece of creative non-fiction, ATTN: Literary Editor. Include a cover letter with the title of the piece(s) and your contact information. Do not put your name on the manuscript.  However, for works of more than one page, be sure to include the title on each page.

Specific questions regarding requirements for submission may be directed to Dr. Edward C. Polson, Messiah College, One College Avenue, Grantham, PA, 17027. Address email inquiries to