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The Journal of Ideology


Archive volumes of the Journal of Ideology (formerly the Quarterly Journal of Ideology) published electronically after the year 2000 are available for view below. Archives printed before the year 2000 are available for purchase here.

 Volume 33, 2011


Conservative versus Liberal Worldviews and Introsepctive Thought
April A. Strickland

Invisible Hands: Intelligent Design and Free Markets
Mark N. Wexler

Ideology Games of Conservatives and Socialists
Renat Shaykhutdinov

The Rationale for the Importance of the Rational Choice Theory in Contemporary Economics
Dragan Miljkovic

A Language Stilled
W. Andrew Gibbens, M.Div.

Thank God for Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
W. Andrew Gibbens, M.Div.

Volume 32, Numers 3 & 4

The Symbiotic, But Conflicted Relationship Between Law Enforcement and the Media: A Case Study
Pati Hendrickson and Howard Swindle

Going to Extremes: How Like Minds Unite and Divide
Cass R. Sustein
Review by Melinda F. Matthews

Volume 32, Numers 1 & 2

Alleanza Nazionale and the Legacy of Facist Anti-Semitism in Italy
Stefano Luconi

Robert Morris's Commercial Vision During the American Revolution
Marko Junkkarinen

The Homo Mediaticus and the Paralysis of Critical Thought
Massimo Ragnedda

Volume 31, Numbers 3 & 4

The Tyranny of the Least and the Dumbest: Nietzsche's Critique of Socialism 
Nicholas Buccola

The Role of NGOs in China Clement
Chu S. Lau

The Village Poet and Collections of Writings
Leon Newton
Review by Melinda F. Matthews

Investigated Reporting: Muckrakers, Regulators, and the Struggle Over Television Documentary
Chad Raphael
Review by Melinda F. Matthews


Volume 31, 2007, Numbers 1 & 2

Exploring Qualitative Hypothesis Testing: The Case of Suicides in Three Novels
Glenn W. Muschert

Is Style Action or Agency? A Social Structural Essay on Hebdige's Subculture
Glenn W. Muschert

True Warnings and False Alarms about Technology, 1948-1971
Allan Mazur
Review by Melinda F. Matthews

Volume 30, Numbers 3 & 4

The Crying of Humanity: Tragedy, Subjectivity, and Disintegral Praxis
Daniel Gustav Anderson

Conservatism and Concern for the Environment
Richelle S. Allen, Emanuele Castano, and Priscilla D. Allen

Boring, Monotonous, and Humdrum: The Nerdification Process of Academia on Presentation Style
David G. LoConto and Candace K. Crance

Volume 30, Numbers 1 & 2

A Lockean Defense of the Death Penalty: Some Timely Observations
Matthew Delisi and Eric Roark

Who's to Blame?: Criminal Justice and Victim Services
Students' Assignments of Criminal Responsibility by Gender

Kristine J. Hart, Richard B. Ellis, and John Paul

Mapping the Landscape of Compassionate Conservatism:
Analyzing the Moral Vocabulary of a Religious and Political Discourse

Brian M. Lowe


Volume 29, 2006, Numbers 3 & 4

Organizational Culture and Its Influence on the News: Class Ideology in Newspapers and Chains
Frederick Schiff and David J. Francis

Must a Marxist Be a Globalist
J. Carl Ficarrotta

Dysfunctional Culture: The Inadequacy of Cultural Liberalism as a Guide to Major Challenges of the 21st Century
Sigurd N. Skirbekk
Review by Daniel Gustav Anderson


Volume 29, 2006, Numbers 1 & 2

The New Look of Terrorism
Bonnie Berry

A Propaganda Model of Business School Behavior
Steven Phelan

Toward Friendly Fascism? American Conservatism in the 21st Century
Milan Zafirovski

Volume 28, 2005, Numbers 3 & 4

Waris Dirie and the Ritualization of FGM: When Rites Can Be Wrong
Frédérique Van de Poel-Knottnerus

Political Tokens, Pro-Confederate Ideology, and the Catchy Significance of Formulaic Thought
Robert Shanafelt

Organizing Knowledge Workers: An Ideological Reading of ‘Communities of Practice' (CoPs)
Mark N. Wexler, Vicky Carpio Tam and Elicia Maine


Volume 28, 2005, Numbers 1 & 2

Attitude, Attendance, and Appearance: Manufacturing of the "Good Worker" in the Welfare-to-Work Legislation
James H. Adams and Mabel Okojie

Beyond the Enlightenment: Lives and Thoughts of Social Theorists
Roger A. Salerno Leonard A. Steverson

Frontiers and Boundaries in U.S. History
Cornelis A. van Minnen and Sylvia L. Hilton Stefano Luconi

Volume 27, 2004, Numbers 3 & 4

Herbert Spencer's Evolutionary Individualism
Eric Roark

The Dominant Ideology in the Press: Run-of-the-Paper Background Assumptions in 14 Ohio Newspapers
Frederick Schiff

The Southern Strategy and the Post-New Deal Dynamics of the U.S. Party System
Stefano Luconi

A Friendship in Letters, 1944-1984
Charles Embry, Robert Heilman, and Eric Voegelin
Review by Donald Pickens

Volume 27, 2004, Numbers 1 & 2

A Reassessment of Middle Class Demand as an Explanation for the Rise of Psychoanalysis in America
John J. Leveille

Ideology: Criminology's Achilles' Heel?
Anthony Walsh and Lee Ellis

Mappers of Society, The Lives, Times, and Legacies of Great Sociologists
Ronald Fernandez
Review by Donald Pickens

The Struggle for Modernity, Nationalism, Futurism and Fascism
Emilio Gentile
Review by Donald Pickens

Volume 26, 2004, Numbers 3 & 4

The Food and Security Nexus
Kerry Ordes

On Choosing a Theoretical Lens in Educational Change Research or the Road Not Taken
Nancy Ras

‘Wayward' Indians: The Social Construction of Native American Witchcraft
Jean Van Delinder

Book Reviews:
Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Transformation of the Supreme Court
Stefano Luconi

Numbers 1 & 2

One Hundred Year War Against Air Pollution
Walter E. Pittman

Book Reviews:
America's Meltdown-The Lowest-Common Denominator Society
Donald K. Pickens

Ideology and Utopia in the Social Philosophy of the Libertarian Economists
Donald K. Pickens

Latin Fascist Elites: The Mussolini, Franco, and Salazar Regimes
Stefano Luconi

Race Hull-House and the University of Chicago
Donald K. Pickens

Coyote Neglected
Marjorie Power

Evelyn Posamentier

Thomas Kristopher

Michael Casey

Tony D'Arpino

Quaker Army Knife
Tony D'Arpino

Volume 25, 2003, Numbers 3 & 4

Critiquing and Expanding the Sociology of Inequality: Comparing Functionalist, Conflict, and Interactionist Perspectives
Scott R. Harris

American Democracy at the Dawn of the New Millennium
Stefano Luconi

Franco to Jesús Franco by Tatjana Pavlovi'
Lynn Walford

Book Reviews:
Marx and the Postmodernism Debates: An Agenda for Critical Theory
Lorraine Y. Landry
Review by Brian Lloyd Azcona

Despotic Bodies and Transgressive Bodies: Spanish Culture from Francisco  
Review by Lynn Walford 


Volume 25, 2002, Numbers 1 & 2
Sort(ing) of Sonnet, Too Many Words for Sorrow, Poetry: A Syllabus
Wendy Babiak

in sideout side & Breakfast for Wahoos
Rus Bowden

The Commodification of Body Modification: Tattoos and Piercings from Counterculture to Campus
Gary S. Foster and Richard L. Hummel

Delicate Operation
David Jackson

Handful of Earth
Jerry Jenkins

Am I allowed to say this yet?, The Queen Shops & follow the intensions
Janet Kenny

Acid Mine & Soot
Christine Klocek-Lim

A Gift to the Viewer, Repeat Echo, & Chrome Waves
Gary Kuhlmann

Little Evil River & Crocodiles
Chaty Lorens

In The Wake of the Electron Storm
D.S. Marks

Supermarket & Atomic Pantoum
Peter Meinke

Looking Backwards & Poverty and Progress
Dennis Minor

By Way of Explanation
John Shuck

Scarlet Marigolds
Joyce Wycoff

Volume 24, 2001

Guest Editor: Frédérique Van de Poel-Knottnerus

Numbers 1 & 2
Frédérique Van de Poel-Knottnerus

Jeremy Bentham, Utopia, Paradise, and Costa Rica
Dennis Seager

Utopian Feminism and Feminist Pedagogy:Charlotte Perkins Gilman and the Everyday Classroom
Julie Ann Harms Cannon & Adrian De La Rosa

"The Ordeal of Civility in Academe"
Cheryl B. Leggon

Utopian Themes in Monika Maron's Novel Animal Triste
Karin Schestokat

Numbers 3 & 4
Is U.S. Neoconservatism Dead?
Grant Havers, Ph.D & Mark Wexler, Ph.D

Myth and Literature as Political Ideology
Margaret Gonzalez-Perez Ph.D.

Teaching Introduction to Sociology: A Re-Introduction to the Student World View
Dennis L. Peck, Ph.D.

The War of All Against All - An Analysis of Conflict in Society - Book Review
John Fleming

Volume 23, 2000*, Numbers 1 and 2
'Betcha Can't Read My Mind: The Orientations of Literacy Discourse
Lynn A. Casmier-Paz

Certain Considerations: A New View of Stephen Marshall
Alana Cain Scott

Legal Education and Hierarchy: A Reply to Duncan Kennedy
Ralph Shain

Numbers 3 and 4
The Changing Image of Abraham Lincoln Among African Americans
Ambronita Douzart

Maritain and the Revitalization of Meta History: Bergson vs. Positivism
Thomas E. Schaefer and Colbert Rhodes

Green Berets and Born Killers: Myth-Making and the Vietnam War in American Film
Alexander M. Bielakowski

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