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Research Projects

Invasive Species Monitoring

Invasive species monitoring conducted by the Red River Watershed Management Institute focuses on three species.

Hydrilla, Hydrilla verticillata

Hydrilla inundated the park's oxbow lake in the summer of 2007, completely clogging the inner arm of the lake (shown in photo). Subsequent summers have not produced as much growth as in 2007, but Hydrilla still grows throughout the oxbow lake.


Giant Salvinia, Salvinia molesta
Giant Salvinia has recently become a problem in area lakes. In December of 2009, it was spread during a flood into the Red River and then into the park via a flooded inlet. Giant Salvinia has not yet reached the oxbow portion of the lake.


Chinese Tallow, Triadica sebifera

Chinese Tallow was first introduced as an ornamental tree in the main loop of the park. These trees are now found outside of the main loop (a park-like setting), spreading in to the natural areas of the park. The seeds are spread by birds and once established the Chinese Tallow crowds out native plant species.

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