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Research Projects

Hydrology Projects

Water resources in Northwest Louisiana
The Institute has worked as a liaison between oil and gas industry representatives and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help promote the using of water from the Red River in Haynesville Shale gas exploration and development. The Institute has helped to coordinate the use of non-potable water sources such as the Red River Alluvial Aquifer and treated wastewater.

Caddo Parish Groundwater Monitoring Wells, Phase 1:
South Shreveport and adjoining Caddo Parish is undergoing rapid development. Municipal and Parish officials are under pressure to approve new higher-density developments. The City of Shreveport water system is approaching capacity limit for supply and conveyance of water from the municipal system. The Institute, working with Caddo Parish, City of Shreveport and the Water Resources Committee of Northwest Louisiana has begun the development of a network of monitoring wells to evaluate the status of groundwater reserves/water quality in this rapidly developing rural to suburban area of Caddo Parish. Caddo Parish has agreed to drill and develop the monitoring network wells. Five wells have been drilled in this initial phase. The Institute will monitor water levels (monthly) and sample these wells for water quality analysis (quarterly).

Caddo Parish Groundwater Monitoring Wells, Phase 2:
The Institute and Caddo Parish partnered to develop five additional monitoring wells  in Caddo Parish. The Institute will monitor these wells monthly for water levels and on a quarterly basis, sample these wells for water quality analysis.

Monitoring of Surface Water:
Surface water in the Red River watershed, including comprehensive sampling at the Red River Education and Research Park, is being monitored using state-of-the-art surface water monitoring and analysis technology including: two automated monitoring/sampling stations, one automated profiling buoy system. Additional water quality monitoring instrumentation that collects real-time data has been acquired including a nutrient monitoring system.

surface water monitoring platform in Old River Lake


Monitoring Groundwater/Surface Water Exchange:
The Institute has developed a ground water monitoring infrastructure network in the RRERP.  One near surface monitoring well has been developed in the park. Fifteen additional monitoring wells have been developed in the underlying Red River Alluvial and Wilcox aquifers in order characterize the subsurface geology and evaluate surface and groundwater exchange in the park.

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