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Red River Watershed Management Institute


The Red River Watershed Management Institute at LSUS is a unique multidisciplinary educational and research endeavor with a 585-acre wetland, state-of-the-art water monitoring technology, GIS laboratory, and environmental assessment and monitoring laboratory.

Lawn Care Tips During Drought Conditions: check out these links to save water and your lawn this summer

  1. Grass cycling: mulch lawn clippings back into the lawn
  2. Keep grass tall: 3 inches is best
  3. Deep and less frequent watering is the key to a healthy lawn


    Institute Director, Gary Hanson, featured in the film "Truthland"


    Grand Opening of the LSUS Anderson Watershed Research Station
    The Red River Watershed Management Institute dedicated the Anderson Watershed Research Station and the Jay Greenleaf Watershed Outreach Classroom on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 11 a.m. at the LSUS Watershed Research Station.

    The Station borders the oxbow lake, Old River Lake, at the Red River Education and Research Park and features an indoor classroom, covered porch for outdoor education, a laboratory, office and restrooms.

    ribbon cutting at field station 


    LSUS and Caddo Parish Groundwater Monitoring Well Project


    LSUS/Caddo well shows water crisis
    Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Office of Conservation Issues Groundwater Emergency for parts of Southern Caddo Parish, August 19, 2011.  ORDER ENV2011-GW014

    LSUS and Caddo Parish Groundwater Monitoring Project shows decline in aquifer levels in parts of Southern Caddo Parish. Click here for August Project Report, drought outlook, and maps of Groundwater Emergency Declaration areas in Southern Caddo Parish.

    LSUS/Caddo well shows water conservation efforts

    DATA: LSUS/Caddo Parish Groundwater Monitoring well data for Mayo Road and Keithville wells.

    CURRENT DATA: July 2008 to April 30, 2015 data