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LaPREP Program


LaPREP 2014 students

Our sponsors play a significant role in the success of our work. Thank you to those who help make a difference in our community through LaPREP.

  • Women's Philanthropy Network
  • Carolyn W. and Charles T. Beaird Family Foundation
  • The Community Foundation
  • The Grayson Foundation
  • The Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation
  • Mr. Dan Huff, Jr.
  • Ms. Katherine O'Neil
  • The Baton Rouge Area Foundation - Mr. Cary Saurage, III
  • Ms. Deidra M. Lemons
  • AARP State and National Group
  • Mr. Joshua McKinsey
  • Ms. Natasha Wilson
  • Mr. & Mrs. L. D. Green
  • Mr. Grant Zhang & Dr. Xinjie Mu
  • Mr. Luyu Yao & Mrs. Yuping Hui
  • Mr. & Mrs. Willie Mosely

And a special thanks to Senator Sherri Buffington whose help enabled us to expand LaPREP to include GetSet and AVEA.