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LaPREP Program

Eligibility Requirements

LaPREP 2018 students

First Year Applicants
First year LaPREP applicants must have just completed the 6th or 7th grade, have an 80% or above grade point average, and have high LEAP or iLEAP scores. Applicants must submit an application packet that includes all of the following items:

  • Student Application Form*
  • A 75-125 word essay explaining why you desire to participate in LaPREP
  • Teacher Nomination Form* (to be filled out and signed by your math teacher and faxed/mailed separately)
  • Copy of your report card from the first and second nine weeks
  • Copy of your most recent LEAP or iLEAP scores

*Application forms will be available to download in February 2019.

Second Year Applicants
First year students who successfully completed LaPREP 2017 are eligible to return for a second summer session. Second year participants must submit an commitment packet that includes all of the following items:

  • Second Year Participant Commitment Form*
  • Medical Release Form*
  • Rules and Regulations Form* (sign and return the signed portion only)
  • LSU Shreveport Photography Release Form*

*Application forms will be available to download in February 2019.

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