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Accounting Services


The following forms are available for download:

Check Request
To be used to request payment for invoices or services incurred by departments. This is not to be used by employees or students for reimbursement - please see Reimbursement Request.

Reimbursement Request
Forms to be used to reimburse individuals for items purchased for the department. 

Stop Payment Request
To be used to request stop payment of a check. It is to be completed and signed by all individuals/vendors before LSUS will request that payment is to be stopped. Please note that the bank requires LSUS to wait 24 hours between stop payment and check re-issuance.

Departmental Deposit Form
Use the form to deposit funds into a university departmental account.  Please bring the completed form, along with the associated funds, to the cashier in room 129 of the Administration building.

Professional Service Contracts
This section contains procedures and all necessary documents to submit contracts to Business Affairs. The forms are listed in the order in which they are to be completed. 


Office of Contractural Review Sample Performance Evaluation

Contractor v. Employee

Certification Letter

Contract Memo


Board Resolution (sample)

Certificate of Authority (application)

Disclosure of Ownership (application)

Form W-9

Contract Evaluation

Check Request

Sample Amendment


This section contains travel tips for individuals and groups and links to the state travel office and the LSU System travel regulations, PM13. It also contains the forms that are to be completed before and after traveling.


LSUS Travel Guide

Office of State Travel

LSU System Travel Regulations

Travel Authorization/Advance

Travel Voucher

Use of Business Travel Account

Special Meals Memo Template

Travel Tax Exemption Form

Hotel Lodging Taxes Exemption

Travel Reimbursement Request Form

Mileage Form 

In accordance with the State Travel (PPM 49), and the LSU System (PM-13) Policies & Procedures, mileage reimbursements will be authorized only when the mileage is computed using one of the following methods:

1. On the basis of Odometer reading from point of origin (normally, LSUS unless otherwise justified) to point of return (also LSUS).

2. By using a website mileage calculator or a published software package for calculating mileage such as Tripmaker, How Far Is It, Mapquest, etc. Employee is to print page indicating mileage and attach it to their travel expense voucher.

For your convenience, I am attaching a spreadsheet (should also be available on the accounting services web site soon) to be used with all travel reimbursement vouchers that includes amounts for mileage. Any travel reimbursement request that includes mileage reimbursement request without the inclusion of the requested documentation will be processed for all other expenses EXCEPT for mileage.

Also, please note that effective July 1, 2005, the mileage allowance is 36 cents per mile.

Agency Account Authorization
This form is to be completed by individuals who are authorized to sign on behalf university agency accounts. This should be completed each time there is a change.

Cash Advance Request Form
This form is to be used to request cash advances. The advance amount is limited to $100.00 and receipts are to be turned in within one week of issuance.

FedEx Tracking Form
This form is to be used by all departments for shipping with Federal Express. It will serve as an in-house tracking system and simplify the payment process.