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Healthy Pilot Weight Loss Challenge

Date and Time
Monday August 19, 2013 8:00am - Friday August 30, 2013 4:00pm



Lose weight and improve your physical fitness through the LSUS Rec Sports

Healthy pilot weight loss Challenge

  How It Works:

•       The Challenge:

o   Commit to your health! The Healthy Pilot Weight Loss Challenge will provide you with tools to change your lifestyle through a balanced diet and physical activity. Upon registration, each participant will receive a workbook including a 3-day food journal, eating smart and healthy snack tips, weight-loss and exercise literature as well as a goal-setting worksheet to help you get started! 

•       Eligibility:

o   Any LSUS student, faculty or staff member can join.  Participation is FREE for LSUS students and previous Healthy Pilot participants (formerly known as the Biggest Loser Challenge) and $5 for LSUS faculty/staff.

•       Register and Get Weighed!

o    Register and weigh-in by Friday August 30th. Registration and confidential weigh-in will be administered each day that week from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. or 1:00 p.m. - 4 p.m. in the University Center Office. Participants may register any time before the first weigh-in deadline. The applicable entry fee, along with a valid photo ID, is due upon the first weigh-in. If you are unable to weigh-in during any of the scheduled weigh-in dates, please call Angel Martin at 797-5393 or send an email to to set up an alternate time.

•       Participate!

o    Participate in LSUS Rec Sports group exercise classes, wellness education sessions, Rec Sports events, intramural leagues, personal training, fitness assessments and various sport and recreation-based community events. For a list of available events, check out the Rec Sports and Fitness Class calendars online at You will also receive weekly emails with valuable information about the program and upcoming events. PLEASE take the time to read the emails as they are designed to optimize your Healthy Pilot experience while maintaining a busy lifestyle.

•      Check-in! 

o    Three additional mandatory and confidential weigh-ins will be held throughout the weeks of September 23rd, October 21st and November 18th. In the meantime, be sure to CHECK YOUR EMAIL for updates, events, tips and more.

•       Win!

o    The GRAND PRIZE  will be awarded to the participant who loses the greatest percentage of total body weight upon completion of the final weigh-in. In addition to the grand prize, each participant will be assigned a realistic 3-month weight-loss goal at the beginning of the challenge.

Make the commitment and become a "Healthy Pilot Weight Loss Challenge" Winner!  Questions? Contact Angel Martin at 797-5393 or


The Healthy Pilot Weight Loss Challenge is designed to encourage healthy lifestyle changes through wise nutritional choices and regular physical activity. The goal is for participants to make changes that will enhance their overall health and wellness for a lifetime. All contestants are advised to consult their physician before beginning starting physical activity.