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College of Arts and Sciences Lecture Series: Design Thinking: Essential Skills for Establishing a Creative Culture at LSUS

Date and Time
Friday October 27, 2017 11:00am

Creating environments where collaboration can quickly lead to innovation are essential for any university. Three years ago, in an effort to further foster a creative culture amongst its students, the LSUS Digital Arts Program developed and integrated a Creative Problem Solving course into its core curriculum., Throughout the course, students are taught a number of design thinking fundamentals they can use to further generate more creative and innovative ideas. During this session, you'll experience some of these creativity enhancing tools that Digital Arts students use in order to break out of established thinking patterns and increase their level of creativity. (Note: This session is for ANYONE and is not limited to only those in a "creative" field. The skills learned in this session can be applied to all fields of expertise.)

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