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21-Day Benefit Mindset Challenge

Date and Time
Thursday November 01, 2018 8:00am - Wednesday November 21, 2018 6:00pm

What is the Benefit Mindset Challenge? 

For 21-days, faculty, staff, & students are invited to practice a small act of everyday leadership (such as express gratitude or an act of kindness).

The only catch - every day, the action chosen must be something new. You may actually have to go out of your comfort zone.

Why take the challenge? 

You may experience surprising & even transformative results, like:

  • By disrupting our routines in life-affirming ways, we build new positive habits that can change the world.
  • The cumulative effect of taking small actions alongside one another creates an upward spiral of well-being. You feel good, others feel good, & everyone becomes more courageous & creative. 
  • Participating in the challenge leads to meaningful conversations about what it means to not only see ourselves as learners, but also as leaders in everyday life.
  • It's a whole lot of fun!

What is a benefit mindset? 

In a benefit mindset, we not only seek to fulfill our potential, but choose to do it in a way that contributes to the well-being of others and society as a whole. We question ‘why' we do what we do and believe in doing good things for good reasons.

A benefit mindset is symbolized by the everyday leader. We believe in creating a good society and healthy ecosystems through our everyday interactions. We are compassionate presences, trustworthy companions, and aware contributors. We are the open-minded and open-hearted ones that show up, see what is needed, and take wise action.

A benefit mindset challenges us to consider how we can position our development within a life-affirming context. It encourages development in service of life. We believe in using our strengths and our development to make valuable contributions to others and the world.

Take the challenge! 

Join the LSUS community in building a culture of:

  • Everyday Leadership
  • Shared Purpose
  • Me & We
  • Eco-Systems of Well-Being

At the end of the challenge, you'll have the opportunity to share your experiences in a Benefit Mindset Exhibit.


Sponsored by LSUS Counseling Services.  Contact us for more information and ideas at

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