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Mary G. "Jorji" Jarzabek

Name: Mary G Jarzabek

Title: Instructor

Start Year at LSUS: 1988

Department: Communications Department

Office Location: Bronson Hall 318

Office Phone: 318-797-5318

Office Fax: 318-797-5132


Personal Bio:

Mary Jarzabek is an alumnus of LSUS, receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications in 1975.  She received her Master of Arts from the Univ. Of Louisiana - Monroe (then known as Northeast Louisiana University) in Technical Theatre Arts in 1978.  She is currently ABD in the doctoral program at the University of Southern Mississippi for a Mass Communications degree with Advertising as her major field of study.   Ms. Jarzabek pursued a career in technical television production for 13 years (1978-1990) before becoming an instructor at LSUS.

During her tenure at LSUS she has served as the debate coach,  the associate director of the theatre program, and is currently serving as the Director of the Electronic Media Journalism program. She is serving as faculty advisor to the newly created LSUS Student News - our campus' student video newscasts.  She is also serving as the Faculty Senate President.

She earned the LSUS Service Award in 1995 and again in 2005.  Most recently, she has been awarded the Dalton & Peggy Cloud Professorship in the Communications Department.

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