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Dalton Gossett

Name: Dalton R. Gossett

Title: Assoc Dean & Professor & Chair

Department: Biological Sciences Department

Office Location: Science Building 104

Office Phone: 318-797-5231


Research Interests:

Biochemical and Molecular Responses to Environmental Stress in Plant

Environmental Parameters Related to Maintaining and Improving Water Quality

Selected Publications:

Jones, Lisa, Dalton R. Gossett, Stephen Banks, and Malcolm L. McCallum.  2010. Antioxidant Defense System in Tadpoles of the American Bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus) Exposed to Paraquat. Journal of Herpetology, 44 (No. 2): 222-228.

Gossett, Dalton R. and Stephen W. Banks. 2010. Pathways associated with NaCl-Induced Oxidative Stress InParvaiz Ahmad ed. ANTIOXIDANTS: Oxidative stress management in plants. Studium Press Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi India. pp. 305-328.

S.A. Vital, R.W. Fowler, A. Virgen, D.R. Gossett, S.W. Banks, and J. Rodrequiz. 2008. Opposing Roles for Superoxide and Nitric Oxide on the NaCl-induced Up-regulation of Antioxidant Enzyme Activity in Cotton Callus Tissue. J. of Envir. and Exp.Botany. 62(2008) 60-68.

Gossett, D.R., S. W. Banks, an M. C. Lucas., 2002. Signal transduction pathways associated with the NaCl-induced up-regulation of antioxidant enzyme activity in cotton callus tissue. In Research Signpost: Current Research Developments in Plant Physiology . 99-133

Bellaire, B., J. Carmody, J. Braud, D. R. Gossett, S. W. Banks, and M. C. Lucas. 2000. Involvement of abscisic acid-dependent and Bindependent pathways in the upregulation of antioxidant enzyme activity during NaCl stress in cotton callus tissue. Free Radical Res.33:531-545.

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