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Early Start Program

Admissions Info and Deadlines

Early Start Program Framework

I. General criteria

1. Student must be at least 15 years of age and currently enrolled in 11th or 12th grade at a public Louisiana high school.

2. Student must have either PLAN or ACT (or SAT) scores on file at the high school.

3. Student must be in good standing as defined by the high school and meet the college/university enrollment criteria.

4. Student must have permission from the high school and his/her parent/guardian to participate.

5. Student must be enrolled in a college course for which dual credit (both college and high school credit) is attempted and recorded on both the student's secondary and post-secondary academic record.

6. To continue enrollment in subsequent semesters/terms (e.g., spring), student must have successfully completed (earned a college grade of A, B, C or P) current (fall) dual credit courses. Students who earn less than C or who withdraw/resign from a course may not enroll in the following semester or term. Limited, documented exceptions for continuation after withdrawal may be granted by the college/university.

II. Eligibility criteria to enroll in a College Level, Degree Credit Course

1. College Level, Degree Credit Course: A course in an academic subject that generates post-secondary institutional credit and appears (a) as a General Education course on the current Board of Regents' Master Course Articulation Matrix (public institutions) or (b) on a list of general education courses approved by the Board of Regents (for LAICU institutions).

2. Student must be on track for completing (a) the Regents/TOPS high school core (if graduating in 2010 or 2011) or (b) the Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum (if graduating in 2012 and beyond).

3. Student must have a PLAN or an ACT Composite score of at least 18 (or SAT equivalent).

4. To enroll in an entry level, college level English course, student must (a) have a PLAN or ACT English sub-score of at least 18 (or SAT equivalent) or (b) meet the post-secondary institution's pre-requisite requirements.

5. To enroll in an entry level, college level mathematics course, and student must (a) have a PLAN or ACT mathematics sub-score of at least 19 (or SAT equivalent) or (b) meet the postsecondary institution's pre-requisite requirements.


Students may take courses during each semester of the academic, including summer semesters.  The cost for students enrolled in a Louisiana public high school is $150.00 per course during Fall and Spring semesters. Limited schoarships may be available for students who qualify and receive Free Lunch. Information on any available scholarships will be provided to students through their high school counselors on a semester-by-semester basis. There is not additional cost for textbooks or fees.