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Dual Enrollment Programs

Early Start Program

The Louisiana Early Start (ES) Program is a Louisiana Board of Regents' program which allows public high school students to dual enroll in courses for which both high school and college credit are earned.  If you are a high school junior or senior wanting to earn college and high school credit then the Early Start program might be for you.  Depending on the class, students attend a course on our campus or supplement their high school curriculum in their high school class to receive both high school and college level credit. 

If this challenge sounds like something you are interested in learning more about, your next step will be to stop by your high school counselor's office to learn about specific information pertaining to your high school and course availability.

  • I am a high school student.
  • I am currently enrolled at a Louisiana public high school.
  • I have taken the PLAN, ASPIRE, ACT, or SAT and met the program requirements.
  • I am excited about supplementing my high school curriculum to receive high school and college level credit! 

Students interested in learning more about the program or making application to the program should start the application process with their high school counselor.

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