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Academic Excellence

How to Apply

Application Process

1. Contact the Admissions Office at 318-797-5061 or at regarding the application to the program.

2. Complete all documents and obtain a written recommendation from a high school counselor or something with knowledge of your academic performance and potential.

3. Bring the following documents to the Admissions Office on the first floor of the Administration Building: Application, high school transcript, recommendation form, earning college credit form, and ACT/SAT/PLAN scores.

Contact the Admissions Office 318-797-5061 or to learn more about our Academic Excellence Program and see the opportunities available to you at LSUS today! 


     There are regular deadlines every semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer) after
     which we will not accept applications for the next semester.  Generally speaking,
     the deadline for Fall is the day after our Summer Session ends in early August.
     The deadline for Spring is the day after our Fall commencement, and the deadline
     for Summer is the day after our Spring commencement.  Please see the “Forms
     and Current Deadlines” page to the left for specific deadlines.