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Academic Excellence

Admissions Info

Eligibility Criteria

     1. Successful completion of ninth grade with 5 units.
     2. One of the following performance metrics:
             --GPA of at least 2.0, or
             --class rank in the top 50%, or
             --ACT of at least 20 (or SAT equivalent), or
             --PLAN score of at least 17.
     3. ACT English score of at least 18 (or SAT equivalent)
     4. ACT Mathematics score of at least 19 (or SAT equivalent)

If you qualify, see “How to Apply” to the left.


     1. LSU Shreveport awards credit only at the college level. High school credit can be
        assigned at the high school’s discretion.
     2. You must earn a grade of “C” or better to continue in the program.
     3. If you withdraw from a course, you will need the permission of both the high school
        and the Dean of LSU Shreveport’s College of Arts and Sciences to continue in the program.
     4. Once you graduate high school you are no longer eligible to participate in the AEP program.