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Admissions and Financial Aid

Undergraduate Admissions

Ready to find your anchor?

Friends. Family. Education. There are many anchors that play an integral part of our lives. These anchors provide the support and stability we need to weather life's challenges while navigating toward success. At LSUS, we offer you an exciting college experience that prepares you to accomplish personal goals while helping you develop the skills you need for professional achievement. Earning your degree at LSUS is an anchor you'll value for a lifetime!

The LSUS Admissions team is here to guide you through applying, enrolling, and preparing to become a pilot. Undergraduate students can be first time freshmen, transfer students, returning students, adult and non-traditional students, international students, or those simply seeking to enroll in dual enrollment courses, non-degree seeking courses, and/or auditing opportunities. There are several uniquely designed degree programs, certifications, and continuing education opportunities to choose, and we're happy to assist you in finding what works best for you and your goals!

Please contact us at or 318-797-5061 with any questions you may have about getting anchored in at LSUS. #findyouranchor

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