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Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress


To be eligible for any federally funded financial aid (including student loans) all students must initially and continually meet the following measures for satisfactory academic progress (SAP). 


Undergraduate:  In measuring a student's cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA), the student must possess the following minimum cumulative GPA: 

     1 to 12 hours - minimum 1.50                                        

     13 to 50 hours - minimum 1.75

     60 or more hours - minimum 2.00

     60 or more hours - minimum 2.50 for education majors and alternative teacher certification students

Graduate:  A graduate student is required to maintain a 3.00 cumulative GPA on all graduate hours.


In calculating the student's pace, all hours attempted, including hours from which the student withdrew (W), received a grade of no credit (NC), incomplete (I) or in progress (IP) are considered.  Audit grades (X) are not considered when calculating a student's pace rate. 

Undergraduate:  Undergraduate students are required to complete 70% of their hours attempted.  An undergraduate student cannot receive financial aid if he/she has attempted more than 150% of the hours required for a first bachelor's degree.

Undergraduate with a Bachelor's Degree and Teacher Certification Students:  A student who already has a bachelor's degree and is seeking a second bachelor's degree or alternative teacher certificate is considered an undergraduate student for financial aid purposes.  When evaluating eligibility for financial aid, all undergraduate work is considered, and a student cannot exceed 150% of the hours required for their bachelor's degree or alternative teacher certification.

Graduate:  Graduate students are required to completed 70% of their hours attempted.   A graduate student may attempt up to 150% of the hours required for a first master's degree.  A graduate student completing required undergraduate hours before beginning graduate studies is considered an undergraduate student for financial aid purposes.

Terminal Degree:  If a student possesses a terminal degree, doctorate in any field or a jurisprudence degree, they are not eligible for federal financial aid.

Academic Bankruptcy:  Academic bankruptcy only impacts a student's cumulative GPA.  For financial aid purposes ALL HOURS attempted, (see pace measure above), are considered and a student's pace rate is calculated.

Anytime a student receiving financial aid does not earn any hours they are placed on financial aid suspension and cannot receive financial aid.  Any financial aid awarded for future semesters is cancelled.

                                                      MONITORING PROGRESS

At the conclusion of each spring semester the student's SAP is reviewed.  If the student is not making SAP they are notified in writing.  A student not making SAP is placed on financial aid suspension.  A student on financial aid suspension cannot receive financial aid until they pass enough hours to meet or exceed the measures listed above.  If an appeal is granted (see re-establishing eligibility) the student is placed on financial aid probation.  A student on financial aid probation continues to receive financial aid as long as they earn grades of "A", "B", "C", or "P".  Earning grades of "D", "F", "NC" (no credit), "W" (withdrawal), "X" (audit), "I" (incomplete), or "IP" (in progress) places the student on financial aid suspension again and they cannot receive financial aid. 


A student may re-establish eligibility by passing enough hours to meet or exceed all of the requirements listed above.  If you were placed on financial aid suspension because you failed to complete any hours, you must successfully pass at least six hours and meet the three measures listed above. 

Any student who does not meet SAP requirements and who has mitigating circumstances may appeal his/her case in writing to the Student Financial Aid and Scholarship Committee.  The student is required to submit an appeal form, (available in the Financial Aid Office or on the LSUS website at a typed letter of appeal and supporting documentation to the Financial Aid Office.  The student is notified of the result of their appeal in writing or by calling the Financial Aid Office.

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