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Financial Aid

Check Financial Aid Status

After you have filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and have listed LSUS as a school to receive your information, LSUS will notify you of any additional documents that are required to complete your financial aid file. We encourage you to be proactive and call the office after you have submitted your FAFSA to find out what documents are needed.  After your file has been reviewed and you have been awarded you will receive an Award Letter listing the financial aid that you have been awarded. One copy of the Award Letter is for your records and one copy is for you to sign, date and return to the Financial Aid Office accepting or declining each form of financial aid listed.

At any time during the process if you have questions, please call the office. The staff will be happy to assist you. Awards are posted on the myLSUS website and can be viewed by accessing the website. Don't forget to approve the application of your awards to your tuition and fees each semester. See "Applying Your Financial Aid."

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