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Honors Program


Welcome to the LSUS Honors Program

We have an exciting curriculum, an exclusive Honors Center, small classes, and program activities designed for the student who is looking for a challenging and creative approach to higher education.  Serious students who are looking for a unique interdisciplinary academic experience are encouraged to apply.See our current newsletter for photographs and articles about Program activities.

 In general, incoming freshmen who qualify for the guaranteed scholarships (Louisiana, Red River, and Shreveport) are invited to apply for the first semester colloquium as are students entering LSUS with a minimum ACT of 24 and an unweighted high school GPA of 3.00.  The freshman intake application should be completed in full.  This colloquium, HONR 101, will substitute for the required Freshman Seminar.

Students who are currently enrolled at LSUS and have a strong academic record coupled with a desire to explore interdisciplinary topics are also encouraged to apply.  The application form for continuing students can be found here.   

Students will need to meet some ongoing Requirements to stay in the program from one semester to the next, but we have plenty of faculty and advising to assist all program students.  A copy of the current Honors Program Brochure can be accessed from this link.

For any additional information please contact Dr. Linda Webster, Chair of the Department of Arts and Media at 318-797-5376 or