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Master of Science in Kinesiology and Wellness Curriculum Sheet

Core courses, consisting of 18 hours are as follows:



KHS 700: Seminar in KHS

3 hrs.

KHS 701: Research Methods

3 hrs.

KHS 722: Analysis of Movement in Sport & Exercise

3 hrs.

KHS 723: Theory & Methodology of Training

3 hrs.

KHS 725: Applied Exercise Physiology       

3 hrs.

KHS 741: Applied Sport Psychology

3 hrs.


Specialty courses (12-15 hours):
Approved electives: Graduate courses in KHS or other appropriate curricula. Each student will select 4-5 courses that logically fit career goals under one of the broad concentrations: (1) Fitness and Wellness, (2) Human Performance, or (3) Health Science. Selections will generally come from KHS courses, but interdisciplinary selections are encouraged as well. However, approved is required prior to registering for and taking these elective classes. Approval cannot be assumed.

Research (3 -6 hours):
KHS 798 (Masters Project) or KHS 799 (Thesis)