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Master of Science in Counseling


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12 Hour Concentration in Rehabilitation Counseling

Upon admission as a candidate for the Master of Science in Counseling degree, the student will be assigned an official advisor by the MSC Program Director. That advisor will be one of the members of the core MSC training faculty. It is the student's responsibility to initiate contact with the advisor for the purpose of developing an approved program of study (curriculum) for the completion of the degree.

The program of study is developed with the advice of the graduate advisor and concurrence of the MSC Program Director. For the student electing the thesis option, a three person advisory committee will be selected in consultation with the Program Coordinator, and shall consist of the student's advisor and two additional faculty members (one may come from outside the Department of Psychology).

The student's program of study must be signed and filed prior to completion of the first 12 semester hours of coursework. In order for courses to be counted toward degree requirements, they must be included in the student's approved program of study. All requests for program of study changes must be formally approved by the student's advisor or advisory committee. Program changes are official only after approval by the MSC Program Director.

Programs of study for the MSC degree incorporate the academic requirements needed for subsequent licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Louisiana. Licensure in other state jurisdictions may require additional coursework consistent with their own licensure requirements. Programs of study in the MSC program may also be designed to meet the requirements of certification as a school counselor. Finally, the MSC program of study can also be designed to provide a foundation from which to apply for admission to doctoral degree programs in counseling or clinical psychology at another university.

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