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Master of Science in Computer Systems Technology


Degree Requirements
This degree requires the successful completion of 30 term hours of coursework which will include either a project or a thesis. At least half of the courses must be at the 700 level. Six hours of approved graduate courses may be transferred. All course pre-requisites must be met. The student must choose one of the three areas of concentration described below.

Business Administration
The Concentration in Business Administration of the MSCST degree is an interdisciplinary program of courses from the Computer Science Department and various departments within the College of Business. This concentration will allow a student to gain both the needed technological expertise and the business perspective to work on technical problems within a business domain. 

The Concentration in Business Administration requires four graduate business courses and six graduate computer science courses, which includes a 3-hour capstone project course (which can be co-supervised by a faculty member within the College of Business).

This concentration will appeal to students who want more technical expertise than an MBA program offers, but who also want a solid background in the problem domain of business. It will in particular be an ideal graduate program for LSUS students who earn an undergraduate degree in the College of Business or in Computer Information Systems in the Computer Science Department. These students will all have taken the undergraduate business courses that are prerequisites for the graduate business courses in this concentration so they will be well-positioned for this program. 

Biomedical Informatics

The Concentration in Biomedical Informatics of the MSCST degree is an interdisciplinary program of courses from the Computer Science Department, the Biological Sciences Department and the Mathematics Department. Biomedical Informatics is a rapidly developing and exciting multidisciplinary field that addresses the need for researchers and practitioners that have sufficient knowledge and skills to apply the tools and techniques of computing and information technology to solve the problems of medical science. 

This concentration is a training and research program with an interdisciplinary curriculum in step with industrial and academic research wherein a) computer scientists can acquire sufficient biological expertise, and b) medical professionals, biologists and chemists can acquire programming skills and knowledge of computer science. The new concentration is a thesis-optional program that offers extensive training on gene expression, DNA and protein sequence and structural analysis, optimization and statistical methodologies, data mining, visualization, algorithm design and database development. 

Computer Science
This Concentration in Computer Science of the MSCST degree is intended to provide a strong foundation in computer science and computing technologies and to provide the student with some depth in two or more areas within the computing field. The emphasis is on the application of computing to solve real world problems, but in contrast to the above two concentrations, this plan offers more technical depth. This concentration should serve the needs of the student who already has a Computer Science or Computer Information Systems degree (from LSUS or another university) or who has a degree in another field but needs the technical knowledge in computing. Our department already has a strong track record of supplying well qualified graduates (at both the undergraduate and the graduate level) in the computing field to local, regional and national employers and the demand is growing.

Some of the areas available within this concentration are: software engineering, data base systems, networking and communications, and Web development.

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