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Master of Science in Computer Systems Technology


About the Program
The Master of Science in Computer Systems Technology is an interdisciplinary program with components from the areas of computer science, mathematics, biology, and business. It is administered by the Computer Science Department within the College of Sciences. An interdisciplinary steering committee composed of faculty from the departments involved recommends policy and curriculum.

Entrance Requirements 
The Master of Science in Computer Systems Technology assumes baccalaureate preparation has included courses in calculus and statistics. Further, a course in programming in a high-level computing language (such as Java or C++) is assumed. Prerequisite courses are held to a minimum. Students who possess an undergraduate degree in computer science will bypass CST 701 and CST 703 and substitute more advanced work. All applicants must have an admission interview before being allowed to enter the program. They must also take the Graduate Record Examination and achieve a combined score on the verbal and quantitative portions of at least 900 prior to admission to the program. Candidates may be able to take nine graduate hours prior to full admission to the program.

4+1 Program (Early Admission)
An LSUS Computer Science or Computer Information Systems undergraduate student in his/her senior year who has at least a 3.0 UGPA may be admitted into the accelerated 5-year BS/MSCST program and may receive credit for 600-level graduate courses, six (6) hours of which may count towards both the undergraduate and the graduate degrees.  The student must complete requirements for the undergraduate degree in consecutive regular semesters (see "Graduate Studies/General Regulations/Graduate Credit") and satisfy other admissions requirements (e.g., GRE) before enrolling in any 700-level courses. Students should see their advisor to begin the early admission process during their Junior Year.

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