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Master of Science in Biological Sciences


Student in class

The College of Arts and Sciences at LSUS administers a thesis and a non-thesis health science preparatory graduate program leading to the M.S. degree in Biological Sciences.

The thesis option offers a basic science approach to the study of any one of the following concentrations: cellular and molecular biology, field and organismal biology, environmental biology, and computational biology. The program of study consists of a minimum of 30 semester hours. The thesis option includes at least 24 hours of course work and at least 6 hours of thesis. The 6 hours of thesis will be directed by a member of the graduate faculty in one of the academic departments within the School of Sciences in the LSUS College of Arts and Sciences.

The non-thesis  health sciences concentration is available for those students who desire a non-thesis option as a means of preparing for a profession in the health sciences. The non-thesis option includes 30 hours of course work and a qualifying exam.

Information about either of these programs can be found in the links listed below.