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Master of Public Health


Master of Public Health

Total Hours: 42

I. Required Courses

Master of Public Health
PUBH701 Introduction to Public Health and Health Disparities 3
PUBH703 Public Health Leadership and Ethics 3
PUBH704 Human Disease and Health Promotion for Public Health Professionals 3
PUBH707* Program Planning and Evaluations 3
PUBH708 Principles of Epidemiology 3
PUBH709* Principles of Biostatistics 3
PUBH710 Environmental Health 3
PUBH712 Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health 3
PUBH713 Health Services Administration, Health Management, and Policy 3
PUBH721* Research Methods 3
PUBH780 or PUBH782 Applied Practice Experience (APE) 3 or 1x 3

II. Culminating Experience: ILE or Thesis

Master of Public Health
PUBH781 or PUBH783 Integrated Learning Experience (ILE) 3 or 1x 3
PUBH798 Thesis I 3
PUBH799 Thesis II 3

III. Electives: Select 2 if completing ILE or select 1 for Thesis

Master of Public Health
PUBH702 Public Health Law and Ethics 3
PUBH705 Principles of Health Promotion and Intervention 3
PUBH706 Public Health Nutrition 3
PUBH714 Empowerment through Community Health Sciences 3
PUBH717 Public Health Strategic Planning 3
PUBH718 Global Health 3
PUBH719 Health and Diseases across Ages 3
PUBH720 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Public Health 3

*Sequential class order: PUBH 709>PUBH 721>PUBH707

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