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Department of Psychology

Introduction and Overview

The requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology introduce the student to a broad spectrum of psychological knowledge and skills including an early exposure to research methods and statistics.

The undergraduate psychology degree prepares students for entry-level employment and/or for graduate study in psychology and related fields. Our two graduate programs offered at LSUS serve to further prepare students for careers in psychology -- the Master of Science in Counseling (M.S.C.; 60 hours beyond the B.A./B.S.) and the Specialist in School Psychology (S.S.P.; 72 hours beyond the B.A./B.S.).

The MSC program is designed to enable graduates to be licensed as Licensed Professional Counselors in Louisiana and most states, and the S.S.P. program leads directly to national and state certification as a School Psychologist within virtually all school systems.

Both programs are very successful. Our two graduate programs welcome applications from all applicants, regardless of state of residence.

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