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Department of Kinesiology & Health Science

Fitness Assessments

The Department of Kinesiology and Health Scuence at LSU Shreveport provides excellent exercise science learning experiences via state- of-the-art laboratory equipment including: a BOPOD, Woodway Treadmill; Lode ergo meter; Parvomedics, K2B4, and Metamax Gas Analysis systems; Hydrostatic Underwater Weighing Tank; Cholestech; BodyGems; Biodex Balance System; DelSys Myomonitor-8 lead; ten polar heart rate monitors; three Dartfish Motion Analysis systems; six Minimiter Accelerometers; Lactate Analysis; Acceleration/Velocity; and Fitness Technology Kinematic system.

As part our learning experiences, students and individuals from the community can request a number of specific individual assessments such as Max VO2, body composition, cardiovascular fitness, nutritional/diet analysis, biomechanical analysis of movement, and select sport psychology evaluation for parameters such as attention and performance anxiety.  In addition, a number of clinics are available upon request.

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