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TeachLSUS Alternative Certification Program

Where Can I Work?

TeachLSUS is looking for dedicated candidates to bring their talents to the following parishes:







                Red River



Click here to view a map of Louisiana parishes.


TeachLSUS participants should strongly consider teaching in districts where they are needed the most. Not all candidates will be able to secure employment in their first-choice school district. Location and salary vary among our partner school districts; however, all districts need excellent teachers.


District hiring decisions are made by the individual school systems.  The role of TeachLSUS is to assist during the hiring process by providing general information on the hiring process for our partner school districts, altering program participants of job vacancies, and providing districts with information on program enrollees.


Regardless of district the typical school day is approximately 7 hours long.  Beyond the formal school day, teachers should also expect to spend time preparing their lessons, grading school work, and communicating with parents and guardians. The first year of teaching is challenging for any new teacher, and participants need to put forward an intense effort – especially at the beginning of the year.

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