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TeachLSUS Alternative Certification Program

Interview and Selection Process

The need for certified teachers in math and science outweighs the number of those who receive traditional four year degrees each year. TeachLSUS contributes to the educational system by cultivating responsible professionals from all academic backgrounds to become certified teachers in Louisiana. TeachLSUS is searching for dedicated and committed individuals to prepare for careers in Louisiana schools.

The TeachLSUS Interview Day is designed to evaluate candidate critical thinking skills, personal responsibility, commitment, achievement, evidence of constant learning, response to environment, self reflection/evaluation, and communication skills. In addition we look for the following dispositions in each applicant: respect for self and others, respect for diversity, organization skills, interpersonal skills, cooperative attitude, emotional stability, dependability, initiative, and integrity. We are looking for candidates who embody these standards.

TeachLSUS Interview Day Components:

  1. Seven minute sample teaching lesson. The topic is selected and prepared by the applicant. An adequate teaching sample will be no more than seven minutes in length, have a clearly stated lesson goal, have a clear beginning, middle and end, be age appropriate, engaging, and relevant to the candidate's area of certification.
  2. 2. A Q&A session will be provided to address questions related the program.
  3. 3. Each candidate will complete a personal interview with the TeachLSUS Selection Committee.

Interview dates and times are scheduled by the coordinator. Invitations are emailed two to three weeks prior to the scheduled interview date so that candidates can make plans to attend. Applicants who choose to attend should plan to be on campus for two hours. Given the number of applicants each semester, requests for specific dates are not accepted.

Candidates are notified via email within 7 to 10 days following the interview regarding their status with the program.

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