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TeachLSUS Alternative Certification Program

Certification Process

Effective July 1, 2010 all Certification-Only candidates must complete 80 contact hours prior to applying for a Practitioner Teacher 2 (PL2) license. Per the TeachLSUS program, students must complete two courses within the program prior to being eligible for the PL2 license. This license is specifically designed for certification-only candidates and sets them apart from uncertified teachers. The PL2 is renewable on a yearly basis for a maximum of 3 years. The employing school district applies for the PL2 license of behalf of the teacher.

The Practitioner Teacher License stipulates that the individual must be enrolled in a certification only alternate program, complete 80 contact hours prior to applying for a PL2 License, pass Praxis I (or provide an appropriate exemption) and pass the Praxis II content exam  required by the program provider and state department of education, and meet additional programs requirements as required.

Upon completion of the TeachLSUS Program participants are eligible for a Level 1 Professional License. The Level 1 license is the same license a candidate would receive upon completing a traditional undergraduate path to certification. The University applies for the Level 1 certificate on behalf of the candidate after all program requirements have been met.

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