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Teacher Education Program: Admission and Retention (TEPAR)

Retention in TEPAR

Once admitted into TEPAR, retention is not automatic. The Committee constantly monitors each candidate's progress in the following areas: academics, professional behavior and overall commitment, ethical standards, personal qualities and dispositions necessary for effective classroom interaction, and interpersonal skills needed to work with parents, administrators, and other professionals. Any candidate who does not appear to be progressing satisfactorily will be notified that the Committee will meet to discuss these concerns.

Retention cases may focus on a student's effort and progress in one or more courses. All students must make a grade of "C" or better in all education; however, a specific grade does not necessarily indicate adequate effort and/or progress in that course. The Committee regularly reviews students' transcripts and strives to keep open the lines of communication between the Committee and instructors, both in and out of the College of Education & Human Development, who teach education students. Removal action may be indicated when a pattern of minimal effort or progress is perceived.

Retention cases may also focus on professional behavior at the University or in a public/private school classroom. Such cases may involve such issues as, integrity or ethical behavior, as well as personal qualities such as communication skills, the ability to get along with or motivate others, or the ability to conduct one's self in a manner appropriate to the profession.

The Committee's decision on a student's retention case may result in removal from the Program. However, when appropriate, the student may be given the opportunity to correct identified deficiencies. Should the student be unable or unwilling to do so to the satisfaction of the Committee, s/he will be removed from the Teacher Education Program.

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