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TeachLSUS Alternative Certification Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to the TeachLSUS program?
Complete the TeachLSUS application as well as an LSUS undergraduate admission application. Submit a copy of each of your official transcripts to the LSUS Office of Admissions and Records and an official copy to the TeachLSUS office.  Once the TeachLSUS office has received your complete application, we will notify you.  Sign up and take Praxis I & Praxis II.  For more information, please visit the How Do I Apply page.

Am I eligible if I have no background in education?
Yes!  Our program is designed to prepare individuals who have little to no experience in education.  Upon completion of our program, you will have acquired the skills necessary to enjoy a fulfilling career as a school teacher.

When is the application deadline?
The application deadline for spring 2013 is October 10, 2012.

All interested candidates MUST take and pass both PRAXIS I & PRAXIS II before being interviewed for the program.

What happens after I apply?
After you apply and if you meet the basic requirements for acceptance into the program, you will be invited to an Interview Day.  Approximately two weeks after the interview date, you will receive notification of your status with the program. Next steps will also be included for those accepted. 

I am currently teaching, but not certified. Can I apply to TeachLSUS?
Yes!  We will assist teachers currently in the school system to become certified teachers. However, certified teachers are not eligible to enter TeachLSUS.

How much will it cost? 
Approximate cost will be $618 for three credit hours.  The estimated total cost for the program will be between $6,200 and $6,800.  The number of credit hours for each program ranges from 30 - 33 credit hours.

I would like to teach, but I am not ready to assume a full-time position and fulfill the certification requirements at the same time, what can I do?
Securing employment as a full-time school teacher is not a requirement for the TeachLSUS Program.Coursework during the spring and fall semesters are offered in the evening.  Each class will meet once a week for three hours.  During the summer the majority of the coursework is offered during the day. 

How do I know what area of certification to pursue?
The high-need areas for our local region are mathematics and science.  Consider the programs we offer. Choose an area for which you have an appropriate content knowledge background and consider the student age level with which you will enjoy working. 

Where will I teach? Can I pick the school?
We serve a seven parish area: Bienville, Bossier, Caddo, Claiborne, DeSoto, Red River, and Webster.  You can certainly seek employment at the schools of your choice, but you should be aware that position openings do not have equally high-demand across all areas of certification.

I am a certified teacher, can I apply to TeachLSUS?
No, you may not apply to TeachLSUS.  If you are interested in adding on to a current teaching certificate, please contact Mrs. Tracey Burrell at (318) 797-5100 or via email at

How much will I be paid?
TeachLSUS participants are paid a regular, full-time teacher salary. The salary range for first-year teachers is $36,500 - $46,000, depending on educational experience and the employing parish pay scale. You will also receive full benefits as outlined by your employing district, including health insurance and retirement benefits.

Can I transfer credits into the program?
Yes. You may transfer up to six credit hours into the program if the courses are applicable towards the program and earned prior to application to the program. 

Is there a limit to the number hours I may take at one time?
Yes.  If you are employed as a full-time teacher, you may take up to six credit hours during the fall & spring semesters, and up to twelve during the summer.

What if I am not working as a full-time teacher?
You may take up to twelve hours per semester.

What is Praxis?
Praxis I measures basic academic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Praxis II measures general and subject-specific knowledge and teaching skills.

Please visit the Praxis website listed below for more information:

What is TEPAR?
TEPAR is Louisiana State University in Shreveport's screening process for prospective teacher candidates. 

Students accepted into TeachLSUS will also be accepted into TEPAR.  TEPAR's main goal is to prepare and support outstanding individuals to become school teachers in our community's classrooms.

What are the basic academic requirements for the TeachLSUS program?
You must have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution and a 2.5 overall undergraduate GPA at the time your degree was conferred.

Can I apply if my cumulative undergraduate GPA is less than a 2.5 at the time my degree was conferred?No.  However, students who have between a 2.2-2.4999 may take pre-approved coursework to raise their cumulative undergraduate gpa before applying to the TeachLSUS Program.  If you are in this category, scan and email your transcripts to  Include your name and the area of certification you would like to pursue.

Do I have to apply for admission to LSUS as well as TeachLSUS?
Yes.  You must apply for admission and be accepted into LSUS before you can apply to TeachLSUS.  You should apply for admission to the university first and to TeachLSUS second.

Can I begin coursework before I am accepted into the program?
No.  You must be fully accepted into the program before you can begin coursework.

What courses will I have to take?
Courses within the program are primarily methodology courses.  Meaning the courses are designed to teach you how to teach.  Subject matter content knowledge is not provided within the coursework. Students must demonstrate acceptable content knowledge by taking and passing an appropriate Praxis II content exam.