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Department of Education

Teacher Education Program: Admission and Retention (TEPAR)

The most important responsibility of any profession is service to its clients. Since the clients of the teacher education program are ultimately the children and youth taught by graduates of this program, the College of Education recommends for certification only those students demonstrating the academic preparation, emotional stability, physical stamina, and professionalism required of successful teachers. To ensure that our graduates meet these high standards, each must be admitted into the program through the Teacher Education Program: Admission and Retention (TEPAR) Committee and must achieve the goals set by the program. The TEPAR Committee oversees acceptance into the program and monitors each student's progress during the program.

Students not yet admitted to the Teacher Education Program may not enroll in any 300- or 400-level courses in Education with the exception of ESL 401, 402, 403, 404, ED 481 and 484. Admission to the program through the TEPAR Committee is required for students in the Alternate Certification Program, as well as for undergraduates majoring in teacher education.

A student may submit an application if s/he:

  1. Students can apply to TEPAR at any time during any semester as long as they have met all of the TEPAR requirements which are:
    1. 2.5 overall GPA
    2. Communications 135 with grade of C or higher
    3. English 105 and ENGL 115 with grade of C or higher
    4. Passing scores on PRAXIS Core Academic Skills in Reading, Writing and Math or an ACT Composite score of 22 or higher
    5. Completion of at least 45 semester hours
  2. Submit the application online at Taskstream. Use the enrollment code TEPAR2014.
  3. Do not submit to Tasktream TEPAR until ALL information is complete and ready to be submitted!
  4. Applications will be reviewed and students will be notified within 14 days on the status of an application.
  5. All questions concerning the application process or the status of an application should be directed to Ms. Nicholas in the Department of Education. Her email is and the phone number is 797-5032.

Admission to TEPAR for Alternative Certification StudentsVisit the TeachLSUS website at for detailed information or contact Ms. Tracey Burrell.

Retention in TEPAR
Once admitted into TEPAR, retention is not automatic. The Committee constantly monitors each candidate's progress in the following areas: academics, professional behavior and overall commitment, ethical standards, personal qualities and dispositions necessary for effective classroom interaction, and interpersonal skills needed to work with parents, administrators, and other professionals. Any candidate who does not appear to be progressing satisfactorily will be notified that the Committee will meet to discuss these concerns.

Retention cases may focus on a student's effort and progress in one or more courses. All students must make a grade of "C" or better in all education; however, a specific grade does not necessarily indicate adequate effort and/or progress in that course. The Committee regularly reviews students' transcripts and strives to keep open the lines of communication between the Committee and instructors, both in and out of the College of Education & Human Development, who teach education students. Removal action may be indicated when a pattern of minimal effort or progress is perceived.

Retention cases may also focus on professional behavior at the University or in a public/private school classroom. Such cases may involve such issues as, integrity or ethical behavior, as well as personal qualities such as communication skills, the ability to get along with or motivate others, or the ability to conduct one's self in a manner appropriate to the profession.

The Committee's decision on a student's retention case may result in removal from the Program. However, when appropriate, the student may be given the opportunity to correct identified deficiencies. Should the student be unable or unwilling to do so to the satisfaction of the Committee, s/he will be removed from the Teacher Education Program.

Retention questions should be directed to the TEPAR Committee's chair, Dr. Debbie Williams, 318-797-5040, Business/Education Building, Room 367.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I apply?
This is a confidential application and the information contained herein will be used only by university officials for official purposes. Be sure to complete all items and give all information requested. An application will not be considered if it is incomplete. This application becomes an official university document when it is electronically signed and submitted by the applicant, and deliberate falsification may result in disciplinary action. To access this application, you must have a TaskStream account. You will enroll in the TEPAR program using the code found on the School of Education's MOODLE link. Once you have uploaded each component, you will submit your application to the TEPAR Committee.

What is the Praxis test?
The Praxis tests replaced the National Teachers Examinations, which were formerly required. They are similar to many standardized tests, such as the ACT, SAT or the GRE, and are made up of multiple sections. Praxis I includes assessments in the academic skills of reading, writing, and mathematics. The Content Knowledge test assesses a student's knowledge of the information s/he will be teaching.

When should I consider applying?
The semester before you complete 45 hours you should begin the process by taking the PRAXIS test. PRAXIS tests are given on selected Saturdays locally each semester. It may take as long as 6-8 weeks to get your results, however. You may also take the exam by computer at Prometric Testing Center, but must make an appointment ahead of time. After the computer test, they are able to tell you immediately whether you passed the Reading and Math sections; however, you will have to wait for the official results of the Writing section to be sent to you. This whole process can take several months, depending on the availability of appointments and the speed of the Educational Testing Service in sending out scores.

How often does the Committee meet to consider applications?
The Committee meets three times a year, once each semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer).

How is my GPA calculated?
All college work from all institutions attended are used to calculate GPA. Therefore, it is important to list all schools attended on the application form and make sure that transcripts from other schools have been received in the registrar's office.

If I have a 2.49 GPA, will it be rounded off?
No. If your GPA is low, begin talking to your advisor now to see how you can raise it.

How will I be notified of the committee's decision?
You will receive a TaskStream notification of acceptance or denial.

How many students are accepted into the Program each semester?
There is no set number or limit to the number of students that can be accepted. Every student who applies and is approved by the Committee is accepted into the Program.