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School of Education

Completer Data

Louisiana State University Shreveport

2018 EPP Annual Report

Annual Reporting Measures (CAEP Component 5.4/ A.5.4)

  1. Impact on P-12 Learning and Development (Component 4.1)
    Compass Teacher Effectiveness Levels for Student Growth Scores
    Ineffective Effective Emerging Effective Proficient Highly Effective
    4% 8% 25% 63%
  2. Indicators of Teacher Effectiveness (Component 4.2)
    Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness
    Ineffective Effective Emerging Effective Proficient Highly Effective
    0% 4% 52% 44%
  3. Satisfaction of Employers and Employment Milestones (Component 4.3 / A.4.1)
    Satisfaction of Employers (on a 3 point scale)
    Pedagogy Assessment Diversity Technology Content Knowledge Collaboration Student Achievements
    2.61 2.44 2.67 2.83 2.83 2.67 2.67

    Employers of recent LSUS graduates indicated an overall satisfaction with in the preparation of teacher candidates, citing strengths including knowledge of content standards, creativity in planning, stringent lesson planning, and a diverse background of observations. Identified areas of weaknesses included the use of effective classroom management skills and dealing with students and parents from diverse backgrounds.

  4. Satisfaction of Completers (Component 4.4 / A.4.2)

    Students are surveyed at the completion of the program and overall, survey results indicate students are satisfied with their preparation with over 90% of respondents agreeing they were either prepared or very prepared in the areas of organization and management, discipline methods, diversity, planning for individual differences, and measuring and assessing. While the responses were a bit lower in the areas of special learning needs and cultivating relationships, nearly three-quarters of the respondents indicated they were prepared or very prepared in those areas.

    Completer Survey CategoryPrepared or Very Prepared
    Organization and Management 99%
    Discipline Methods 91%
    Diversity 92%
    Planned for Individual Differences 96%
    Measuring and Assessing 96%
    Special Learning Needs 71%
    Cultivating Relationships 75%

Outcome Measures

  1. Graduation Rates
    Elementary EducationGradFTF TotalRate
    2009 8 17 47%
    2010 10 22 45%
    2011 6 9 67%
    3 Year 24 48 50%
    Elementary EducationGradFTF TotalRate
    2009 3 7 43%
    2010 1 6 17%
    2011 3 7 43%
    3 Year 7 20 35%
    Secondary EducationGradFTF TotalRate
    2012 4 13 31%

    *note, Second Ed consolidated in 2011, no data until the 2012 academic year

    Dr. Jeanne Burns, the Board of Regents Associate Commissioner for Teacher and Leadership Initiatives, has informed all EPPs that at the present time, a process does not exist in Louisiana to calculate Graduation Rates of candidates in graduate programs or candidates in non-degree advanced programs that result in licensure. Thus, data are not currently available. During the months of May-June (2018), the Board of Regents will work with EPPs to identify a set of consistent procedures for EPPs across the state to use to calculate Graduation Rates for advanced programs. During 2018-19, EPPs will use the procedures to calculate Graduation Rates for candidates in advanced programs and report them in the April 2019 CAEP Annual Report.

  2. Ability of Completers to Meet Licensing (Certification) and any Additional State Requirements; Title II (Initial & Advanced Levels)

    One hundred percent of our completers meet licensing requirements for the state of Louisiana. Completers in all programs performed at or above the state mean (except for Secondary Mathematics and Social Studies, which were slightly below) for the past three years. Program faculty discuss the sub-sections data for Praxis and confer with content faculty to improve coursework offered by the Math Department and the Department of Social Studies.

  3. Ability of Completers to be Hired in Education Positions for Which they have Prepared (Initial and Advanced Levels)

    Compass evaluations for both candidates and graduates, along with employer surveys indicate that LSUS prepares effective classroom teachers. Those results are supported by the focus groups held with graduates and principals.

  4. Student Loan Default Rates and Other Consumer Information (Initial and Advanced Levels)
    Program GraduatesDefault Rate
    33 Undergraduate 0%
    50 Advanced 0%
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