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School of Education

Clinical Experiences

The Office of Clinical Experiences

The School of Education at Louisiana State University in Shreveport (LSUS) believes that the teacher candidate gains ability to apply knowledge, skills, and dispositions learned in the University courses only through working with children and youth in real-world classroom settings. Therefore, the Teacher Preparation Program maintains as its primary goal the development of teachers who are responsible professionals through a purposefully sequenced variety of courses and field experiences. For information about partnering with our program, contact Mrs. Tracey Burrell at

Clinical Experience Handbook

The Handbook for Clinical Experiences includes policies and procedures for all persons involved with field experiences in courses, methods, preparation for clinical practice, clinical experiences, and Internship at LSUS. Roles and responsibilities of candidates, clinical practitioners, interns, supervising teachers, and clinical faculty are delineated. Appropriate forms, rubrics, and other evaluation criteria are also included in this handbook. Download a copy of the handbook by clicking here.

Clinical Practice

Becoming a teacher is at once rewarding, frustrating, exciting, bewildering, and challenging. As you begin to read this handbook, you are initiating your passage from the role of a candidate to the role of a responsible professional with all the emotion-packed moments the climb will include. The number of positive feelings you experience and the degree of success you realize will largely depend on you-on your motivations and your personal involvement. However, yours is not a totally individual effort. The Department of Education faculty, the cooperating personnel in the school settings, and the children and youth with whom you will work are all components of the clinical experiences in which you will engage as a part of your preparation to becoming a teacher. Each will contribute toward your destination of professional status.

The schools are natural laboratories where you may apply the knowledge, skills, and dispositions of the University classroom. To receive optimum benefit from your clinical experiences, you are encouraged to study the information in this handbook and utilize it to make your experiences valuable.

Best wishes for an exciting, rewarding experience!

Documents for the Clinical Practice

Absence Report

LSUS Clinical Practice Log

Professional Development Log

Lesson Plan Template

Work Sample Template

The Clinical Educator and supervising Teacher

LSUS has asked you to become part of a cooperative team working to prepare responsible professional educators. Your selection for participation in this program is the result of our assessment of your record and credentials as a responsible professional. The professional educator in the field is an essential part of our Teacher Preparation Program. Our philosophy is that the best experiences candidates may have are those gained in real-world settings.

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