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Shywa York: Job Prospects and Job Security in the Retail Industry

 Shywa York presents her research poster

Research Category

Secondary-Data Research


Research Purpose

The purpose of this study is to evaluate retail management as a potential career choice.  Specific research objectives include (1) determining if a management job in the retail industry is beneficial to a person with a college degree in terms of salary, bonus, and benefit considerations and (2) evaluating the benefits and drawbacks of a career in retail.


Research Methodology

Information and data were gathered from books, magazine articles, graphs, charts, and other secondary research.


Research Conclusion

The retail industry provides jobs for people of all demographics and backgrounds at different points of their lives. In the Shreveport/Bossier area, 44.4% of the retail managers hold bachelor degrees. The majority of managers hold at least a bachelor degree. Careers in retail are open to those with either experience or education.


Social Implications

Retail is a great field for people in college or post college. It provides experience that students could use to further themselves in this industry or in another industry. Retail experience provides a person with skills in working with people of different backgrounds, and it teaches them to focus on their strengths to get their job done.