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Student Research Forum

Karen Johnson: "Can the "Vinyard" Thrive in Bossier Parish?"

Karen Johnson presents her research poster

Research Category

Business Feasibility

Research Purpose

My mission is to provide a place for adults to find rejuvenation in the form of uplifting reading materials, delicious beverages, touch therapy, and a variety of goods with a local flavor.  My research is intended to determine if an establishment with this business model is likely to be successful in North Bossier Parish.

Research Methodology

This research requires several stages and, as of the time of writing of this abstract, is still in progress. Here is my plan: Conduct focus groups to determine the types of goods/services that target market would expect to find in the store. Study surrounding marketplace to determine the competitors for the various product lines. Conduct surveys to determine potential names that pique the consumers' interest while alluding to the services provided. Search for and review data indicating the demographics necessary for successful bookstores.  Compare those demographics to Bossier City and Bossier Parish. Assuming the demographics support the viability of the business, perform a financial feasibility study considering actual costs of real estate and products.

Research Conclusion

The research for this project is ongoing. The focus groups in Phase I gave me ideas for many unique product offerings which will separate us from our competitors.  In fact, none of our potential competitors currently have even a similar mix of products.  Phase II resulted in a name and a set of potential tag lines to use in our marketing. Instead of "the Vineyard",  the store is now TranQuility Garden.

Social Implications

The research to date indicates that further consideration is warranted.  Response from potential customers has been consistently positive and there are no direct competitors in the immediate area.  I am awaiting the results of the 2010 census to compare the demographics of Bossier City with the demographics of the markets of successful bookstores in other cities.