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Joey Brown: "Risks and Rewards of Implementing a New ERP System"

Joey Brown's research poster

Research Category

Business Case Study

Research Purpose

In today's business environment, technology is rapidly changing.  Software companies are updating their software packages, making it imperative that businesses stay abreast of the latest innovations. The purpose of my study is to determine the relevant issues that businesses should consider when implementing a new ERP system.   Understanding the implications of new software implementation will ensure that businesses are prepared for the risks involved.  Through understanding and addressing the risks involved in the implementation, businesses will be able to benefit from the rewards associated with the enhanced capabilities of the latest software innovations.

Research Methodology

The research methodology I used involves selecting a specific business that will be starting an ERP system implementation.  My employer, Bossier Parish Community College, is a business dealing with a software vendor issue regarding discontinuing support for an existing software system.  My research involved a review of the process structure for selection and implementation of a new ERP system. I used comparisons from other institutions that use the same software to determine best practices.  The results of the best practices will be summarized and used as a planning and training tool for the college's implementation process.

Research Conclusion

My Business Case Study provides information supporting the decision to select software which maintains continuity with existing software.  The brand comparisons support this conclusion.  In addition, critical success factors and critical risk concerns were identified during the research phase of the case study.  Also identified was the need for a project champion and task force team formulation. Each component of the implementation process builds on the previous one.  A cohesive plan that addresses issues will result in the college minimizing critical risks and realizing the rewards of having an up-to-date ERP system. 

Social Implications

The rapidly changing business environment requires up-to-date technological capabilities.  As new technology and software are developed, businesses must continue to address these changes.  By using best practices in new ERP system implementations, businesses will reap rewards that will contribute to their ability to take advantage of growth opportunities that exist.