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Student Research Forum

FIRST PLACE -- Christina Jiminez: "Globalization: Is it Good or Bad?"

 Christina presents her winning research poster

Research Category

Secondary-Data Research

Research Purpose

The purpose of this research is to uncover some of the truths and myths regarding globalization. Basing the research on quantifiable data versus mere opinion, the researcher investigated to determine if an answer is possible. This discussion is limited to the five most-debated areas in globalization, (1) jobs and income, (2) labor policies and the environment, (3) national sovereignty, (4) quality of life, and (5) cultural diffusion.

Research Methodology

The five areas were researched using government and corporate reports and peer-reviewed academic publications. The following research questions were the basis for this study:

Jobs and Income: If GNI/GDP as a whole has increased, has everyone's financial condition improved?  
Labor Polices and the Environment: Does increased globalization mean continuing harm to the environment?
National Sovereignty: How effective are the existing supranational organizations?
Quality of Life: Are people, as a whole, better off when humans are viewed as one entity rather than as specific individuals?
Cultural Diffusion: Is one global culture emerging and thus eliminating various national cultures?

Research Conclusion

Jobs and Income: Although the world GNI has increased, income inequality is growing at an alarming rate across and within countries.
Labor Policies and the Environment: As economies grow and incomes rise, pollution also increases. However, rising income levels then lead to demands for greater environmental protection and pollution levels fall.
National Sovereignty: The current supranational organizations (IMF, World Bank and WTO) are in need of significant reform.
Quality of Life: Statistics show that most people throughout the world are better off because of globalization.
Cultural Diffusion: No evidence of a singular global culture replacing various national cultures exists.

Social Implications

Is globalization good or bad? The answer is complicated because globalization is both. Critics and proponents must fully understand all the nuances before a verdict can be reached. This current era of globalization is markedly different from past eras.  Research indicates that the Western model is no longer the only feasible model for economic and cultural success. Globalization has advantages and disadvantages for all participants, and no country can afford isolation. In order to grow, a nation must look outward but cannot go about the process blindly.