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Angela Parker: "A Case Study of Angel Ice Jewelry"

 Angela Parker's

Research Category

Business Case Study 

Research Purpose

The purpose of this study is to conduct an e-commerce analysis as well as marketing strategy for Angel Ice Jewelry. Angel Ice Jewelry is planning to open a website.  The website's primary purpose will be to allow customers purchase jewelry.  I will research the advantages and disadvantages a web store will have on this business.  Even though the company sells a product and not a service, services such as customized items, personal customer attention, and sales play a major role in the success of Angel Ice Jewelry.  The internet will take away some of the company's ability to provide these services.  However, it will also open up Angel Ice Jewelry to a significantly larger market.

Research Methodology

The results of the in-depth case analysis I conducted suggest that the internet is a definite way for a company to offer products to the largest potential customer base.  It also offers convenience because products can be ordered around the clock and viewed from the customer's home. Information can be researched while shopping.  Facebook will be the initial advertising tool for the website. Disadvantages -Personalized service is important.  Sales on the internet will have limited use of this service.  Angel Ice also creates customized jewelry pieces for individuals upon request, and this aspect of the business will be extremely limited or nonexistent during the initial phases of its web presence. 

Research Conclusion

Opening Angel Ice's market using the internet will be a productive business strategy if done correctly.  The most important aspect will be making sure that service is not impeded and customers still receive "customer care".  Angel Ice will also have to make sure that it implements a plan to guarantee item availability within a reasonable amount of time. 

Social Implications

Using the social networking website Facebook is very practical.  It is free and at the moment extremely popular among Angel Ice's target market.  Angel Ice's target market consists of young to middle age females in the middle income range.  It also helps to generate customers through word of mouth, an approach that is known for its success.