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Aida Hernandez: "Retailers in Mexico"

 Aida Hernandez' research presentation

Research Category

Secondary-Data Research 

Research Purpose

The intention of this research is to be aware of retailing and the distributions trends in Mexico.

What are the three biggest retailers in Mexico?

How is the economy affected by these retailers with respect to import and export considerations?
a)       Imports:
           1)      What are the three most important countries that participate?
           2)      How do imports affect the economy of Mexico?

b)      Exports
           1)      What are the three most important product categories to export?
           2)      How is the economy affected by the exports?

Research Methodology

 I used secondary data for this study. Some of this information was found on government web sites, in news publications, magazines and the congressional research service report.

Research Conclusion

Some of the biggest retailers in Mexico are in the oil, automobile, aircraft, silver/gold, computer, and fruit/vegetable industries. Mexico is highly dependent on exporting, and its economy is strongly affected by exporting. Its trade is based on free trade agreements with more than 40 countries. The three most important countries that participate are the United States with 44.3%, China with 5.5%, and Japan with 4.1%. Oil is Mexico's main export and the largest generator of foreign income in the country, as 3.7 million barrels of oil are produced daily. The production of oil is regulated by the Mexican government with private companies handling the production and shipping of oil. Automobile exports from Mexico are another main revenue earner for the country. Many Asian automobile manufacturers have recently set up shop in Mexico.

Social Implications

This information can be very useful to the Mexican government and economists because knowing how exports and imports affect the economy of the country can help them formulate strategies for economic growth.