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Department of Economics and Finance


The Department of Economics and Finance offers accredited bachelor degree programs in Finance and General Business Administration in which students will enjoy an intimate and unique academic experience that offers courses that will both educate and guide students as they pursue their career goals.

The department faculty can provide broad perspective, based on academic scholarship and practical experience. Faculty members of the department hold the Bank One Jerry Boughton Professorship, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Professorship, the Kilpatrick Insurance and Financial Services Professorship, and the Oscar Cloyd Professorship of Real Estate. These academic positions are supported by both the local industry and the university to promote excellence in teaching, research, and service. The Student Finance Association and our internship opportunities provide our students with the chance to meet and interact with professionals in the financial sector. These professional experiences often lead to greater career opportunities for participating students.

Dr. Tim Vines is Chair of the Department.