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Department of Management and Marketing

Advertising Design Concentration in Marketing

Are you creative?  Do you have an interest in learning how to use Adobe software products and other digital methods to create ads, brochures, package designs, websites, social media content and more?

If so, the advertising design concentration has been designed with YOU in mind.  The purpose of the ad design concentration is to provide students with practical skills in software and hands-on epxeriences in creating various forms of marketing and promotional messages.

Marketing majors who elect this concentration begin by taking FA 210, which provides an introduction to the Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign software. This course must be taken prior to enrolling in any other FA course.

Three additional courses (9 hours) must be taken from among the following to complete the concentration.  The most commonly selected courses are listed first:

MKT 305:  Small Business Advertising
  * Extensive use of Indesign to create brochures, ads, and other items for local small businesses.
  * This course also counts as a marketing elective.

FA 315:  Adobe Photoshop
  *  Provides more detailed coverage of digital manipulation of images using Photoshop.
  *  The FA 250 co-requisite is waived for Marketing students.

FA 316:  Package Design
  *  Designs will be created for real world packages, including boxes, bottles, and bags.
  * The FA 250 co-requisite is waived for Marketing students.

FA 318: Digital Design
  *  Focuses on the creation of digital imagery using a variety of software programs, including Illustrator.
  * The FA 250 co-requisite is waived for Marketing students.

Other Course Options:

MKT 490:  Special Topics Course in Marketing
  * Approved topics only, such as Social Media Marketing, Web Design, or Digital Marketing

MKT 475:  Internship in Marketing
  *  The internship must focus on the use of software to create various types of ads; website design, or social media account management.

FA 317:  Adobe Indesign
  *  In rare cases, Marketing students may wish to substitute FA 317 for MKT 305. 
  *  However, only ONE of these two courses may be counted towards the concentration.
  *  The FA 250 co-requisite is waived for Marketing students.

FA 326:  Introduction to Web Design
  *  Students use Adobe Dreamweaver software to learn how to create and manage web sites.
  *  FA 315 is a prerequisite for this class that cannot be waived.

Interested in learning more?  Contact Dr. Karen James in the Management and Marketing office (318-797-5024), or email her at