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Department of Economics and Finance


The Department of Economics and Finance offers accredited bachelor degree programs in Finance, and General Business Administration. All faculty in our department are doctoral qualified and possess an excellent mixture of practical experience, international experience, and academic and applied research records.

Finance teaches the techniques that managers use to make and evaluate all types of organizational decisions.   Majors in Finance take introductory course work in business finance, investments, insurance, and real estate; students then have the flexibility to choose electives from any of the above areas.

Majors often enter careers in real estate, insurance, banking, corporate finance, financial services, or general management positions.  In addition to careers in corporate finance, investments, and banking, this major allows students to prepare for a wide range of organizational activities.

The Finance student is also able to prepare for a specialized job in the rapidly growing financial services industry: insurance, real estate, brokerage, financial planning, and portfolio management.

To achieve these goals the student chooses one of two concentrations: Financial Analysis or Financial Services.

Many students in the College choose General Business Administration as a major because it provides the maximum flexibility to acquire knowledge from all fields of business, including accounting, business law, management and marketing. Many of these majors are preparing for multipurpose management roles in small organizations or as entrepreneurs.